Role Profiles

How You Could Help?

One-to-One Befriending:

This is the traditional form of Befriending. It involves visiting an elderly client in their own home for one or two hours each week. You may simply find that the client is happy just having a chat with you or you may both decide that you would like to go out for a cup of tea and a browse around the local shops. You will receive full training and support in your role.

Bus Escort:

If you are the kind of person who enjoys going for a run in the car with friends then the role of Bus Escort could be just for you. You would help clients to use our Out and About service by assisting people as they get on and off of the bus, making sure everyone is safe throughout their journey or even just helping to keep the conversation going (you will soon see that this is rarely required!).

Volunteer Driver:

Volunteer drivers are crucial for the everyday running of the Project. We rely on them for many of our weekly activities, including Lunch Club, Kurling and one-off events. We will reimburse your mileage at a rate of 40p per mile and will cover the cost of any expenses that you incur whilst out with us.

Other Opportunities:

As well as the roles described above, we are always on the lookout for people available to help older people attend larger one-off events. Without a small army of volunteers events such as these would never be possible! Whatever your skills and experience, we believe that you will have something to offer the Befrienders. In recent years specialised volunteers have used their skills to help us run a choir, organise our Cycling without Age activities, and assist us (and our clients) with IT.