One-to-One Befriending

Volunteers visit approximately once a week to provide some contact and companionship - someone who has the time for a chat, and who will hopefully become a friend.

As we usually have more referrals than volunteers available, we will offer a temporary visiting service from the office until a suitable volunteer can be found.

Some people may prefer a chat on the phone. We will call them regularly - daily contact in times of particular vulnerability. We cannot offer to solve problems for them, but with a Ring-a-Round a 'trouble shared is a trouble halved'.

Many of our clients who make new friends or re-kindle old friendships on our outings exchange phone numbers and talk with each other regularly - telephone peer-befriending.

"It is such a comfort to me to know Befrienders will go in twice a week and notice any changes..."

(Comment from a relative of one of our clients)